Kimera Automobili EVO37 livery and visual identity

MAPS – Composite Solutions has contributed to the development of the livery and visual identity of Kimera Automobili's special cars. Through the use of computer graphics software it was possible to give life to the incredible concepts that later became reality.

(Background photography by Filippo Giani/Ibexmedia GmbH)

EVO37 Prototipo ZERO

At Goodwood is the founder of Kimera Automobili, Luca Betti, Intercontinental Champion and Vice-European Rally Champion, to drive the EVO37. He is sharing time at the wheel with Miki Biasion, World Rally Champion in 1988-1989, today tester/Ambassador for Kimera Automobili.

The EVO37 that Kimera Automobili presented on the famous Goodwood Climb Hill, was the first prototype being tested. For this reason, the car was presented in a no paint version, with a prototype interior and racing seats and seat belts.

(Rendering by MAPS – Composite Solutions for Kimera Automobili)

(Photographs by Alex Penfold, James Lynch, Drew Gibson)

EVO37 Pirelli 150th Anniversary

40 years later, the myth lives on the same roads that made it legendary. To celebrate Pirelli's 150th anniversary, Kimera Automobili opens the 90th edition of the Monte-Carlo Rally. The EVO37 takes part in the Shakedown of the Monte-Carlo Rally driven by Mario Isola, Pirelli's Head of Car Racing and 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg.

The livery is inspired by the black-red-white configuration of the Pirelli partner used on the Lancia Stratos HF Gr.4 that won the Sanremo Rally in 1978.

(Rendering by MAPS – Composite Solutions for Kimera Automobili)

(Photographs by Riccardo Ruatasio, Nicola Rossi)

EVO37 Martini Racing

EVO37 in Martini Racing livery is a tribute to a brand that has entered the legend of rallying. The EVO37 in this configuration is unveiled at Casa Martini and it is announced that it will lead the way at the Rally Costa Smeralda 2022.

The livery is inspired by the incredible Martini Racing cars that have written the history of world rallying.

(Rendering by MAPS – Composite Solutions for Kimera Automobili)

(Photographs by Filippo Giani/Ibexmedia GmbH)

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